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I had a wild hair the other day and mentioned to Dozer that I might want to build fairy houses as an outdoor decorative prop.  That probably would have been the end of it, except he said no.  Apparently the last few years have taught him nothing and I am now the proud owner of two completed fairy houses and I’ve been gluing sticks together all afternoon.  I have walnut shells and rocks and pine cones.  Anybody have the foggiest idea how to separate the little petals (for lack of a better word) on a pine cone??  I think they’ll make good shingles.  (UPDATE: let them dry out a couple of days, they pull right off, for all your pine cone shingle needs.)   Yay for poor impulse control, because no good story ever starts with a well thought out plan.  On a side note, even though he doesn’t want any fairy houses, Dozer spent about fifteen minutes educating me as to how to make my structure work because he loves me.

I want to hit you about politics a wee bit to say that it hurts me to watch both the righty-tighties and the lefty-loosies these days.  I need to take over my good pal, JC’s role as the voice of reason.  Please know that if my voice is the reasonable one, we are in a very, very bad place.  Reality check… not everyone who wants to cross the border is a nice person seeking a better way of life, just like they aren’t all drug dealers and human traffickers. It really is necessary to vet them before allowing entry into the country.  That said, hey, let’s not put human beings into 10×30 cages, kk?  Please and thank you.  Being me, I have a really eclectic group of friends.  (I’ve even got dancin’ girls and hookers) Thus, I hear all kinds of ideas about what is right.  At the end of the day… we don’t put people in cages like dogs, because they are fucking human beings not dogs.  I don’t know how else to help you understand the idea.  I would also speak against the idea of interment for undetermined amounts of times…. For my righty-tighty friends, this sort of thing is why the word Nazi keeps being bandied about.

Meanwhile, my righty-tighty  friends are up in arms because Albany county has banned conversion therapy for minors.  This is a rightwing, Christian based objection… but what are you actually advocating? Whine, cry and complain that you are prohibited from torturing kids in Albany county, by showing them porn, giving them shock therapy, and aversion therapy. It is scientifically proven NOT to work, and what is the matter with you that you can’t love your child if they aren’t a “normal” heterosexual?  This is your child.  You carried them for nine months or watched them grow inside someone you liked enough to have sex with.  Parents are like God to kids… I cannot answer any biblical questions about LGBTQ folks because Jesus continues not to return my calls. But, when He was stopping by the neighborhood, he said, “Love one another.” And “He who is without sin should cast the first stone.”  We aren’t qualified to judge morality because our hearts are so hard.

I’m going to hop off my soapbox, for now, because I have pine cones to glue to sticks and probably myself.  Usually onto my actual flesh, so it will be especially painful. I have a fairy house with a door, just wrapping up the roof and a promise to teach me to build smurf houses. Welcome to my world, it’s a lovely shade of melon tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m headed to the beach with a large number of children and then off to Harley therapy.  Meanwhile… Stand straight, walk proud  ‘Cause we shall be free

5 thoughts on “Stand Straight…”

    1. Ruth,
      People have come to a general census that if you are not like them then something is wrong with you. This therapy is inhumane to people who are different. I had an argument the other day with a close minded person. I am extremely proud of Albany! I bleed red, pay taxes, and lend a helping hand when I can. So how is that any different then a heterosexual??? I have raise to two kids with money I earned working, donated money to charities, and taught my children to love unconditionally and never judge!!! Maybe more people should try these things instead of pushing their ideals on others!!!!

      1. The people who are up in arms over banning conversion therapy probably have no idea what it entails. They think a nice therapist is having a warm chat with someone who is confused about their sexuality. In reality, its torture, plain and simple. I think lots of kids question their sexuality, it’s part of exploring who you are. I really wish they all had a safe place to land… when one of mine was openly questioning their sexuality, as a boring straight person, I feel blessed that I had Deb to call and say, hey, what am I supposed to do? Or say? Her sage advice was to just let her go and love her through it.

  1. But cages are where we put people that breaks the law. Maybe it will deter them from coming back to this country (Did I say illegally? No) ILLEGALLY!!! (For those who need glasses up close) Although Nancy Pelosi said it best “we should only send the illegal immigrants back if they’ve done something illegal.” She also said, “we have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it”. But I digress. I’m beginning to love the liberal left. Without them. We would have nothing to fix. Everything would be perfect.
    Love you. Dozer

  2. Shannon~
    You are truly one of my heroes!! I thank, and applaud, you on your strength, determination, open-hearted kindness, and wisdom beyond your years.
    Fairy houses sound fun… maybe a project in the works. Thanks for the pine cone shingle advice.
    ♡ Sheryl

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